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5 Reasons to Get Solar for Your Commercial Building

5 Reasons to Get Solar for Your Commercial Building

If you’ve been on the fence about getting solar power in your commercial building, this article is for you. What once may have been a risky thought should no longer be so. The world is switching to solar, with the abundant and practical resource a feasible and wise investment for your company. Here are five great reasons to make the switch.

  1. It’s Low Maintenance: the solar panels of today are very low maintenance while also being highly reliable. They can withstand the elements, including Utah’s harsh and snow-packed winters, and they last over 25 years. With a non-corrosive aluminum frame, the solar cells are well protected and will be able to provide your building with clean, long-lasting power.
  2. You’ll Save Money Long Term: Think of solar power systems as an investment rather than an expense. The up-front cost is quickly recuperated with the lower energy bills each month, the eventual reduction of operating costs once the panels are paid off, and the available federal and state tax credits. All of this is beneficial to your bottom line and improves your company’s cash flow (in addition to be friendly to Mother Nature!).
  3. Build Your Brand Name: Being green is good, especially in today’s world. When you opt for greener resources for your business, your brand name will see the rewards. You company’s goal for clean energy sends a positive message to your employees and clientele about your desire to be responsible and commitment to sustainability. Go a step further and opt for greener appliances and products in your office building as well.
  4. Support the Local Economy: Choosing a local company like Four Seasons Solar brings money into the Utah business market, which is where we want it to go. Local solar companies also understand the best ways to install systems in our challenging climate and will make sure the job is done the best way for your location.
  5. Solar Panels are Affordable: Over the last ten years, solar installation costs have dropped by more than 70% and has an annual growth rate of about 42%. Solar costs used to scare many business owners and homeowners away, but today it doesn’t have to. Solar is very affordable for any budget.

Solar is a wise investment for Utah businesses. Solar panels are made up of durable photovoltaic cells, which rarely break down. For at least 25 years, you will reap the rewards of clean and reliable power for your entire building. Whether your building is a stand-alone structure or in an office complex, solar panels can be a benefit. Large commercial installs can take advantage of even bigger tax credits, such as the Investment Renewable Energy Systems tax credit, which pays up to 10% of the qualified system or $50,000 (whichever is less). The monthly savings add up quickly, and you can put that money into other investments for your company. Call Four Seasons Solar today for a no-pressure, information-rich quote from our expert team.

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