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Your Business Needs Solar Energy

Your Business Needs Solar Energy

Solar Power for Local Businesses

More Local Businesses are Moving to Solar

Utah has some of the best solar programs for local businesses to produce clean energy.

Yes, solar is a viable option in Utah. There is a nonrefundable tax credit of 25% of the cost of a solar panel, up to a limit of $1,600, as of the date of this blog. This allowance, however, is being phased out, with the maximum amount of credit being decreased by $200 each year before it is fully phased out in 2024.

Parts of the state receive upwards of 6.5 kilowatt hours of sunlight per square meter, while the majority of the state receives an average of 6.0 kWh. Arizona and Nevada are the only states that receive more total heat. Despite its abundant natural resources, the state has a long way to go in terms of solar and renewable energy adoption.

Solar in Utah

As a conservative state we need to move toward conservative and clean energy at home and in the workplace.

According to the DOE's Energy Information Administration, coal-fired power plants generate the bulk of Utah's existing electricity. The majority of the state's electricity is supplied by two geothermal power plants, as well as natural gas-fired and hydroelectric generation.

Sustainable Energy for Utah Business

Dominion Energy offers rebates to its commercial customers who invest in energy-efficient food service equipment, laundry equipment, HVAC and water heating equipment, and weatherization initiatives. Some equipment rebates are based on the equipment's efficiency standard.

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