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Solar Panels for Your RV?

Solar Panels for Your RV?

During the pandemic, many people purchased RVs as a way to vacation safely during a stressful time. RVing around the country is a great way to experience many amazing sights while also being comfortable with your belongings all at the ready. Consider making the experience even more enjoyable with the freedom of going off grid and consider solar panels for your rig!

The Basics

With RVs constantly on the road, they have access to solar radiation almost all the time. You can install panels on the roof of your RV or get some quality portable ones to take along for the ride. Roof panels can capture a lot of energy, producing a sustainable and reliable power source for your lengthy trips. Installing these panels will minimize, or even eliminate, the need to stop at managed campgrounds to charge and will remove the requirement of using diesel generators. Keep in mind that the location you park the RV will be a priority because you don’t want to keep the solar panels in a shady spot.

The Benefits

Solar panels for your RV can be very helpful for a variety of reasons. For starters, the installation is simple with a few choices for you to consider. You can stick flexible panels on the roofs without needing to drill holes. You could get portable options to place around the RV while you’re parked and camping. Or you can go all in and install a full system to the top of your RV, which is a great choice if you are planning to spend extensive amounts of time on the road and if you want to make your RV the ultimate home away from home for many years to come. Another benefit of solar panels on an RV is that your energy source is completely portable and always with you. As long as you park it with the panels having access to sunlight, your panels will likely provide all the energy you need for your demands. Another great benefit is that you are fully independent from the grid and don’t need to stop at campgrounds or RV stops to recharge. Most panels can generate power for 20 to 25 years, making this is a great investment as well.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to know that not all RVs can handle any type of solar panel. Some RVs have obstructions on the roofs, such as ventilation shafts. This can limit the space available for solar panels. And some RVs may not have a flat roof, which can also make installation challenging. The best type of solar panel for your RV will take many factors into account. And the panel choice for you will depend on the price, the style of RV you have, the travelling needs of you and your family, and more. It may seem like a strange project, but the benefits can be surprising. If you have questions about the possibility of solar panels on your RV, contact our knowledgeable team at Four Seasons Solar—Utah’s leading solar expert.

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