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Is Solar Energy Practical and Affordable?

Is Solar Energy Practical and Affordable?

Did you hear about the solar roof tiles Tesla talked about back in 2016? Well, they’re supposed to be really cool, but we’re not seeing huge numbers of these quite yet. This is a good example of a great idea that still needs some work to implement successfully, but it looks like things are heading in a great direction! Plus, you have choices. Traditional solar power is clean, sustainable, and abundant, and the cost is getting more affordable every year. Getting solar panels on your home is considered an improvement and is a solid investment (and an environmentally conscious choice!) for any homeowner. Tesla’s announcement of roof tiles sounded like a massive improvement from traditional methods, but the reality is that their roof is actually not quite as efficient as conventional solar panels—yet. According to Timothy Lee at arsTECHNICA: “Tesla's solar roof apparently can't achieve the same energy density as conventional solar panels. I installed 8.5 kW worth of conventional solar panels on my roof, which is around 1,000 square feet. In contrast, Tesla's calculator indicates that it takes more than 1,400 square feet of roof to fit 8.5 kW worth of solar roof tiles.” Basically he’s saying Tesla would need more room to give you the same amount of power. To top it off, Tesla has higher prices, too. This means you’ll probably end up paying more for less for the Tesla name. For some people, that’s worth it—for others, not so much.

Many people around the country did order the Tesla option. Preorders came in for the Tesla roofs, with Tesla claiming large increases in orders and promising new hires to fulfill these orders quickly. Now that Tesla is making good these orders, they’re seeing how much trickier it is to install these specialty roofs on the various structures around the country and has dramatically increased the prices. One customer told The Verge their price increased from $35,000 (with an additional $30,000 for batteries) to $75,000 (with an additional $35,000 for batteries).

Tesla’s troubled past with solar power is concerning for some, but there’s no need for apprehension when it comes to conventional solar that’s tried and true from a local, reputable source. Installing rooftop solar panels with Four Seasons Solar will enhance the value and the look of your home in addition to saving thousands on your electricity bill each month and getting an awesome tax credit. For environmentally conscious people, this investment lessens our impact on the planet and fights climate change.

There are numerous reasons to opt for solar energy. We offer free estimates and will take the time to come to your house and sit with you to ensure your estimate is accurate with no shocking rate hikes when it comes time to install. For quick averages, we also offer an online estimate form which can provide a close estimate if you’re not quite ready to sit down with one of our specialists. We know solar is a big upfront investment. That’s why our team is a no-pressure group of passionate professionals filled with knowledge and expertise on all things solar.

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