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Installing Solar in the Winter

Installing Solar in the Winter

We often get asked if it’s safe or effective to install solar panels in the wintertime, and the answer is yes. More and more homeowners throughout Utah are seeing the financial benefits of solar power, and Mother Nature couldn’t be happier. If you’re thinking about getting solar, winter is a great time to start the process.

Slow Season for Us = Savings for You

Because it’s generally a slower time for solar power installation, we offer great packages during these months. We’ll be able to respond to queries more quickly, get quotes to your faster, and install your project before the summer months arrive. This isn’t to say our summer customers get pushed aside, but in the winter, we have a little more time to get things installed in the quickest way possible to meet your needs. Installing panels can take a few weeks to complete, so if you start the process now, you will be done by summertime rather than starting the project after you initially intended.

Don’t Worry, Solar Panels Work in Winter

Many people think solar panels don’t make a lot of electricity in the winter, and this simply isn’t true. Solar panels generate power all year round, and they’re actually more efficient when it’s cold outside. In Utah, we have plenty of sunny days in the winter, even though it’s freezing in our winter wonderland. It doesn’t need to be a fully sunny day for the panels to be effective, anyway. Winter is just as great as any other season for solar panels to generate electricity.

Of course, solar panels do require sunlight to generate electricity, and they’ll be able to get the best access to direct sun in the long, sunny days of summer. But they also know how to convert the photovoltaic (PV) energy into direct current (DC) power and send it through their inverters to become alternating current (AC) power, which is what most homes run on. When there’s too much, it goes back into the grid. The energy can be stored and utilized on extra cloudy days and long nights thanks to connections to the grid and energy storage options, so there is no need to worry about accessing electricity when you need it.

Installers Like the Cold

We’re used to working long days in the hot sun, so it’s a nice reprieve to be able to work in the cooler weather. As long as there is no snow or ice on your roof, installers can get the job done any time in the winter. Once the panels are up and going, you will need to clear them off with a panel-safe roof rake after a heavy snowfall. The panels’ surface is slick, so most snow will slide off easily, but occasionally we see exceptionally heavy and wet snow fall, and they’ll need a little help during these times.

Four Seasons Solar is available any time of year to get your project started. Contact us today for a hassle-free consultation and to get started on efficient, clean energy for your home or business.

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