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Gift the Power of Solar this Christmas

Gift the Power of Solar this Christmas

Solar energy is progressing every day. New projects are unfolding consistently, and improvements are quickly advancing the efficiency and benefits of solar power. Take the opportunity to jump on the green train this year by getting solar as a present to yourself and your family this holiday season. Santa will thank you because this helps keep his home in the North Pole super icy and cold all year round.

Efficiency Progress

Recently, posted about how the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and affiliated institutions have “bolstered the efficiency of perovskite solar cells by as much as 16%.” Combining 2D and 3D layers results in a solar cell with improvements in stability as well as efficiency. This is exciting because it shows the many possibilities solar brings to us and proves how positive the future of solar is. With continued efforts and discoveries, solar will only get better over time. Right now is a great time to buy in to solar for your home or your business. For a true gift that keeps on giving, year after year, solar is a wise choice for any budget conscious Utahn.

A Gift for You and a Gift for Nature

We’re not suggesting you get your wife the new equivalent of an ironing board or vacuum for Christmas—that was never a good idea. This is a team effort project that benefits the whole family. While you’re in the spirit of the season, adding solar panels to your list for Santa is a good idea because it actually is a cost savings in the long run. Santa will like delivering this gift of selflessness. You are doing good for your pocketbook as well as for Mother Earth. Solar paneled homes produce less air pollution, which means Rudolf can start flying that sleigh through clearer skies. It also reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and nonrenewable energy resources, which lessens the impact on the earth and improves human health over time.

While you’re giving a gift to nature with your switch to solar, it’s okay to be happy for selfish reasons too, like taking advantage of tax breaks and incentives and enjoying the increased value you will have on your home. Costs on solar power systems are very reasonable now, and the savings will enable you to apply necessary funds to other important items for your family—like gifts for next Christmas.

If Santa could send you a wish list, he’d probably include a message about taking care of each other just like he does with us. This involves care for the health of our shared planet. And don’t worry, Santa will make sure his sleigh doesn’t land on the panels on your roof when Dasher and Dancer are headed in for their appearance, and maybe he’ll even drop off a little extra for you while he’s at your stop. It’s a good thing coal is not needed for solar power! Four Seasons Solar is Santa’s top elf for solar installation in the state of Utah.

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